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Goal Setting

Goal-setting process ensures your dreams become achievable milestones.

Tailored Strategies

Craft personalized financial strategies designed to fit your unique circumstances and ambitions.

Progress Monitoring

Stay on track towards your financial goals with regular monitoring and adjustments.

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Empowering Lives, Fulfilling Dreams:

Originally from Taiwan and now residing in Singapore for over 5 years, my journey as a financial adviser is fueled by a deep passion for financial planning and investment knowledge.

Why did I choose this path? Because I believe in the transformative power of financial planning—it’s not just about numbers; it’s about enhancing the quality of life and realizing dreams.

But beyond the numbers, I’m driven by something more profound: the desire to build genuine, long-lasting relationships with my clients. I see them not just as clients but as friends, and I’m committed to walking alongside them through every stage of life.

My goal is simple: to leverage my skills and knowledge to help my friends—my clients—achieve their goals, no matter where they are on their journey. Together, let’s turn dreams into realities and celebrate every success along the way.

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Life Insurance

Protect you and your loved ones financially against life’s uncertainties with life insurance policies.


Health Insurance

After a health scare, the medical bills that follow can become a major financial setback. This is where health insurance from Manulife Singapore can help.


Saving & Retirement

Achieve your short-term and long-term savings goals while receiving protection coverage with our range of insurance savings solutions to cater for your needs.



Reach your investment goals sooner with our investment plan which generate potential investment returns with protection for life.


Legacy Planning

With careful planning, you can safeguard your assets and secure the financial future of those who matter most to you. 


Portfolio Restructuring

Maximize protection and returns with our portfolio restructuring service. We review your insurance policies to cut costs and boost investment potential, ensuring alignment with your goals.

to make decisions easier and our customers' lives better.

"I've been working with Jayden, and it's been amazing. I wasn't sure about financial planning at first, but Jayden made it easy to understand and really helped us out. He knows his stuff and genuinely care about his clients. What's great is he treats you like a friend, not just a customer. We feel much better about our money. I highly recommend them!"

– Marcus

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